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MinValue - MaxValue binding for LinearYAxis does not work

Mar 21, 2014 at 9:00 PM
It seems that MinValue - MaxValue binding doesn't work in this situation (see below). The Y axis displays min and max values accordingly to the binding but the chart does not plot (the chart is empty). Anybody can suggest a workaround or fix?
  <sparrow:SparrowChart Grid.Row="3">
        <sparrow:DateTimeXAxis LabelAngle="-90" StringFormat="MM/dd HH:mm" />
        <sparrow:LinearYAxis MinValue="{Binding ParameterList[0].PaddedMinDisplayValue}" MaxValue="{Binding ParameterList[0].PaddedMaxDisplayValue}" StringFormat="0.0" />
     <sparrow:LineSeries PointsSource="{Binding ParameterList[0].ValueList}" XPath="Created" YPath="DisplayValue" Stroke="Green" StrokeThickness="3" />
Thank you,